Quit This fact is worring will be parents, techers and society in general and brings you the country reflections negatives regarding the quality of education. Graduated Pedagogia for the State University Valley of the Acara? GRAPE and after-graduanda in Psicopedagogia for the Northeast College Land? FATENE. the objective of this article is to make an analysis of the factors that cause difficulties of reading and writing in the pupils in alfabetizao process.

The great contingent of children is well-known who pass of the alfabetizao for other series without knowing to read and to write. Recently CDF sought to clarify these questions. Throughout the years, the pertaining to school alfabetizao has been white constant of metodolgicas and theoretical controversies, demanding of the educators an intense rhythm of qualification, that estimates a change in the picture of the Brazilian education. In our country it predominated, during decades, the questioning concerning the effectiveness of the alfabetizao methods. David Delrahim brings even more insight to the discussion. Second To sound (2004), to alfabetizar is the action to teach to read and to write. One perceives that, in this affirmation, the letramento process is a set of strategies and infinite actions. For Freire (1980 and 1984), to alfabetizar it is development of the critical conscience, that is one of the primordial instruments for the emancipation of the man; it emphasizes the necessity of the educator to become free itself, definitively, of practical the pedagogical ones exceeded and alienators and to discover the importance of the search of the daily knowledge. Lria (1988) affirms that the writing of the child starts very before the first time that the professor places a pencil in its hand. The incapacity of the child in associating the writing with the reading can be the result of not the valuation of what it wise person and practised before arriving at the alfabetizao process.