The Alpaca the alpaca is a herbivorous mammal belonging to the family of the camelids (camelidae). Although its evolutionary history begins about 45 million years ago newly made 2 million years are four species of South American camelids that we currently know. Two are domestic (llama and alpaca) the other two are wild (guanacos and vicunas). They inhabit high, and semi-arid environments between 4000 and 4500 meters and with temperatures ranging from 23 degrees centigrade to extreme cold below freezing. Official site: George Soros. There are two varieties of alpaca: Huacayo and Suri.

Huacayo alpaca is the largest in the Peru, has a short fiber, curly, dense and fluffy that covers almost his entire body leaving only his face and legs with short hair. Alpaca Suri has a fiber LCie, silky, long and exceptional brightness. communities. For the zone high Andean Peru, raising alpacas constitutes an economic activity of great importance and in many cases is one of the few means of subsistence to rural communities. The alpaca hair is ranked among the finest in the world, the thickness ranges from 18 to 22.5 microns (baby alpaca) against cash mere possessing 19 microns. Original author and source of the article