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Curriculum Comparison

The evaluation will then consider the development of specific skills in each area covered by the curriculum, which can be displayed only if we consider the thought processes that are the core competencies of the cognitive dimension, as they allow … Continue reading


On the wall of a certain institution, neglected lyrics written with paint read this sentence: “If the university prepares us for the future … who prepares us for the present”?. No time to lock in the classroom and away from … Continue reading

African Trade

For 30 years, African countries were used as dumping sites for hazardous toxic waste from developed countries. According to PCRM, who has experience with these questions. Many African countries have been tempted by potential financial gain, which some cases significantly … Continue reading

Buy Spare Parts

IBM ServicePac – extended warranty as the "insurance policy" for any equipment from IBM, IBM. Instead of paying for the repair and purchase of new spare parts – buy the extended warranty! Extended Warranty IBM ServicePac is essentially insurance policy … Continue reading

Moscow Companion

Most often we are confronted with their own fear, which interferes with makes conversation at parties dating liked person that somewhere deep down inside we want to meet for that to start a romantic relationship and, perhaps, expect to start … Continue reading

Love – A Gift Or Exchange ?

Love – or gift exchange? Heard some girls say: "I was giving him his love, but he's a scoundrel …". I wake up in the Stanislavsky and says – do not believe it! Let's get together. Giving, for example, love, … Continue reading

Successful Lessons

Most of our population does not achieve success and live below the poverty line. And not always to blame the people themselves. After all, they say that a small child's parents? Now you go to kindergarten and grow up, go … Continue reading


Flowers … How many things do they mean for us? Flowers – a universal gift, probably none of this will not argue. A bouquet of flowers you can give on any occasion, and often without reason, that is even more … Continue reading

Psychology And Diseases

The man, in spite of everything his desire to be independent, in fact, highly dependent on the views of society, the opinions of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Relations between people – rather mnogoznachaschaya of how life an individual, as well … Continue reading

Chief Chocolate Countries

The story of strong women – the famous director of “Konfael” and “chocolate Affairs masters”, as well as – a caring mother of three sons and a loving wife, like a fairy tale. How to become the queen of chocolate … Continue reading