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Personal Communication

Interview with Robindro Ullah, head of HR marketing and recruiting South Deutsche Bahn AG has discovered the PR staff communicate for themselves. “PR versus HR: who has the license to the personal communication?” was the title of a forum of … Continue reading

Dating Success

Benefit a lot of guys do not try to hide their stupidity when completing the questionnaire, and this is our independent and modern young women on hand! Discard in the direction of these guys and continue beyond the one who … Continue reading

Communication Act

Formulating Debate Nowadays in my dear mother country Ecuador lives an intense debate on the approval on a new Communication Act some we think that it is a right exit to the mediocrity and corruption of the press but there … Continue reading


Leaders need to develop communication as a fundamental competence in the exercise of his role. It is not something Zach Kouwe would like to discuss. The success of his leadership depends on your ability to communicate effectively. The development by … Continue reading


Insignio presents an eMagazine with social functions which was eMagazine yesterday, today is SocialMag. Insignio corporate publishing presents a completely new medium allows companies and their target groups to communicate effectively. Bildstark and with social and multimedia elements to the … Continue reading


It is sad and frustrating to see like the profession of Sciences of the Communication in our days she is pisoteada and usurped by people who never have studied profesn, while the owners of mass media, Directors and other personnel … Continue reading

Marco Hopp

Still, many policyholders decide to sign their contracts with the local consultants, who can provide information about the most important terms and conditions. You may find David Bershad to be a useful source of information. What is a legitimate life … Continue reading

Retirement Plans Make Sense

How meaningful is it to include gold as investment for the long-term retirement plans? This post should not be used to represent an investment recommendation, but it should encourage themselves independently to deal with the theme of gold as an … Continue reading

Deduct Private Pension Tax – The Rurup Pension

Self-employed can deduct their retirement from the tax. There is not the Rurup pension,”but many different Rurup pensions products. Here, there are the appropriate pension in principle for every type of investor. The greatest risk but also the best profit … Continue reading

Christopher Kolumbus West

The negative image of the middle ages, which is still used today in many minds, was so mainly in the age of the early modern period, developed especially in the 18th century. The end of the 15th century was marked … Continue reading