Alternative Music Formats

CDs use the AIFF format for uncompressed music storage. For “Data reduction is sound destruction,” as it is with those who love high-quality digital music. So if space is not an issue, then you can easily pull their files easily from the CD to the hard drive, the most mobile music player but have quite limited space and are also not usually read in a position to AIFF files. So have to shrink the files – preferably without having to listen to the CD differences. Compression to MP3 format, the MP3 compression of music files has difficulty with modern techniques. But with the right encoder and the right attitude can make MP3 still hear. VBR instead of CBR First measure: variable bit rate (VBR) Adjust.

Previously it was a constant bit rate (cbr) 128 kbs standard, but one can hear just to clear differences in complex pieces of music CD. So today is advised to variable bit rate (vbr use). The bit rate indicates how many bits needed an audio file recorded per second of music. VBR means that the encoding program can save unpretentious places with a low frequency of file size, while the bit rate will increase for complex jobs. The bit size that is constantly fluctuates, depending on the demands of the piece.

A constant bit rate, however wasted space and makes for simple jobs in complicated places not enough resources available so that there may be sound quality. Except: 320 kbs, the highest possible bit rate in MP3 files. The best bit-rate coders choose say something about the size of a file. The quality of coding can at the same bit rate vary significantly, depending on which encoder was at work. General LAME is considered state of the art when it comes to convert CD audio files into MP3 files. LAME is available for all major operating systems, and is used in audio forums almost universally advised to use this encoding, if used as the operating system is now Windows, Linux or Macintosh. That is, if they ever because of the broad Hardware support will be MP3. The free alternative: Ogg Vorbis Ogg Vorbis is a development of MP3, an open source process must be paid for, unlike MP3, no license fees. This is attractive to hardware manufacturers want to build the players that support this format. There are now some devices from renowned manufacturers, who can play Ogg Vorbis. iPods do not belong to it. The sound quality of Ogg Vorbis files with the same compression is usually better than MP3 files. Lossless compression Who wants to take any sound loss in purchasing, accesses a lossless compression of files to save space. At a standard has become the FLAC method developed. The Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) allows you to compress audio data without loss of sound quality. The files are larger than MP3 files, but with the same sound quality is still significantly smaller than the original AIFF files from CDs. There are even some MP3 players that the Flac-format support. And the band Metallica offers concert recordings for download not only MP3, but also in FLAC format. Due to the still very large files, this format is, however, rather only for true audio enthusiasts. Who the optimum format for good sound for small files and will support a range of mobile digital music players, is consulting with LAME-encoded MP3 files or high quality Ogg Vorbis files best.