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Once returned to this physical world, my perception of life has changed dramatically and I identify with all that which generates me happiness, which gives me the peace that really dwell time is used intensively for my growth and not to affect to Nobody in what theirs do. Simply, much care not cause dependence which reduces the use optimal capabilities that we must play freely and avoid what both emphasis the Oriental teachings revealed a negative karma (cause and effect law), that if really exists, as I remember it and make you see one mistakes. It is suggested the reader see feature film the taste of the life of Politiki Kouzina, (2003) where the story is based, for the most part, on real events. The film, shot in Athens and Istanbul, premiered in Greece on 24 October 2003, beating a record of box office with more than 65,000 spectators, while it projected only in 41 theaters around the country. In its second week the percentage of box office increased unprecedented by 53%. Filed under: Boy Scouts of America. Announced as Mediterranean replica like water for chocolate, the film has crept into the American list of blockbusters such as Master and Commander or Finding Nemo, to stay as number one at the box office in Greece for seven consecutive weeks. The flavor of life surpassed the 1,200,000 viewers and has dazzled audiences of all ages in a way unknown to cinema in Greece.

He has participated in the official section of the Festival’s Tribeca (New York) and has been honored with 8 awards at the Festival’s national cinema of Greece and with the prize of the public of the Festival international de Cinema of Thessaloniki. Its projection in the latest edition of the SEMINCI (Valladolid), within the meeting point section, got a warm reception. It is a story about a young Greek (Fanis) raised in Istanbul, whose grandfather, a culinary philosopher and his mentor, teaches that both food and life need a pinch of salt to give the touch of flavor that both require. With the passage of time Fanis turns into an excellent chef and used their culinary skills to give flavor to the lives of those who surround him. 35 years later he left Athens and returned to his hometown, Istanbul, to be reunited with his grandfather and his first love; a return trip only to realize you forgot to give that touch of flavor to your own life as he used to say his uncle there are two types of travelers in life, those who leave and those who return, the first look at the map, the second look in the mirror now it is time that our hero have a look in your own mirror.