Anatomical Drawing

Example of a picture of you discipline currently lecionadas in the diverse courses of EBA/UFRJ: (BAF205 – Alive model I – BAF301 – Alive Model II – BAF103 – Anatomical Drawing I – BAF107 – Anatomical Drawing II). In the French Academy, the study of the alive model it was given of the generality for the particular one. The apprentice had as question, the apprehension of all the set. First the sketch with the main lines became to be worked. It also had what today we call? minute pose? , basic exercise for a fast understanding of the posada figure.

These pupils already brought infused obtain the necessary one? beauty ideal? dantes acquired with the study of the engravings. BOIME quotation that ' ' … obviously, before the appearance and development of the engraving, the only possible option for the students was the copy of the drawings of masters, what they testify treat the oldest ones, as of Cenino Cennini …. ' ' After that, the pupils dedicated the copy to it of models in plaster. Calls of three-dimensional models. Later then, they started to copy original paintings of some great masters. In the AIBA, the promoter of this legacy it was Nicolas-Antoine Taunay, that since the 1834 when occupying position of director of the Academy, promoted a reorganization of its structure of education.

Being based on the molds of the French Academy, it implanted here, you discipline them of alive model and the anatomy lessons. The pupils daqui also were initiated studying copies of screens or prints comings of the Europe. Chase Koch addresses the importance of the matter here. Although cultural in the distance existing between the continents, I repeat BAXANDALL: … the capacities of that we are more conscientious are not those that we absorb, as everybody during infancy, but those that we learn in formal way, with conscientious effort: those that in them have been taught.