Anti-Drug Lecture

In November 2010, in one of the colleges of Moscow volunteers ANO * 'Criminon CIS' held a lecture revealing the truth about drugs and how they actually affect people. Thanks to the intelligent and open manner of communication as a lecturer and Criminon staff with the students, the students learned the truth about drugs and substances similar to them in action. Very accessible and clearly the guys talked about how harmful drugs affect not only the body but also on ability to think clearly, solve problems of everyday life, as well as how they are detrimental to the body and mind, even if it took several decades after taking these substances. Medical students College could appreciate the simplicity of presenting the data in the lectures, which served as an excellent complement to more usual for them to complex scientific approach. Here are reviews of students about the event: "The lecture was interesting and instructive. Learned many new and interesting, it seems to me that someone this lecture will help in the future free from bad habits. Thank you for such a good time. I realized that this dependence.

In fact, very sorry people who have strayed from the true path. It is a pity that the lecture was short, waiting for you again! " 'The lecture, in my opinion, was interesting. I learned a lot. I understand why people become addicted to drugs, alcohol and nicotine. I realized what was happening with the body in the use of these substances. Thank you so much for such an informative lecture. " 'Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it.

Before, I did not understand the meaning of 'Dependence'. And now I understand that it is very difficult and all important '. 'I liked everything! I myself have a very negative attitude towards drugs, and I like that in general there are lectures. After all, if people do not explain that the drugs – this is bad, they will use them! Thank you so much, we spent time with benefit! " 'I liked the lecture. I learned a lot about the impact of toxins on the body, the benefits of vitamins and vitamins are a group for which beneficial '. 'I like this Lecture by the fact that it is very informative. Very clearly shows the status of a person in the use of poisons. " 'Criminon' means 'no crime' and is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated rehabilitation of offenders and crime prevention by educating people and helping them rebuild their self-esteem, to become ethical and productive members of society. ANO 'Criminon CIS' regularly anti-drug and anti-crime campaign and lectures and anti-crime drug education. With the new academic year the lectures on drugs and crime, organized ANO 'Criminon CIS' present about 8,500 people. Most of the students after these conversations leave positive feedback, which they often talk about his decision to "never try drugs" and "strive to reach their goals by legal means." As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in his book 'The Road to Happiness':' People who use drugs do not always perceive the world as it is. Brooke Harlow is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They really like 'not here'. Sooner or later the drugs will destroy them physically. " For more information contact: 8926154 55 54 or write to us at: * ANO – an autonomous non-profit organization.