Baby Mattresses

How to choose the child's mattress. Choosing children's mattress. Early in his life newborns and small babies spend most of their time lying down, so it is important that the mattress was a natural and environmentally friendly. Problem child's body – the formation of spine. Up to 10 years, the skeleton of a child is in a stage of active growth. Typically, children pick up a hard mattress for children springless of coconut coir. Elastic mattress springless supports the spine in a level position that would ensure the proper formation of the posture.

Thanks to the hard mattress in a child properly will be the formation of the spine. As well as coconut mattress is natural, clean and well aerated (breathable, ie, breathing). Jennifer Guerriero, PhD, may also support this cause. The thickness of children 6 cm springless mattress standard mattress size children's 60 * 120 70 * 140. Just here you can order any custom size mattress to order. For a teenager can be hard to buy a mattress from springless coconut coir mattress or combination springless coconut and latex. Height springless mattress for a teenager may be 13 – 16 See also teen fit mattresses effect it winter / spring to summer block Bonel as well as on independent spring block Pocket Spring, in which as the main filler will be present coconut coir.

Orthopedic mattresses convenience can be divided into 3 degrees of hardness: soft mattresses, mattress medium-firm mattress and tight. Soft mattresses – it's mattresses, which use elastic fillers. For example: latex, foam elastic (PU), octopus. Medium-firm mattresses – a combination of rigid and flexible fillers. For example: latex + coconut, coconut octopus + Hard mattresses – a mattress, which is dominated by hard filler, with or without combinations with other materials. For example, coconut coir, coco coir + horsehair. The effect of winter and summer in mattresses is implemented by adding layers of linen or cotton with a summer party, as well as sheep or camel with winter side, depending on the model of the mattress.