It does not leave to make what God speaks to it. ' ' Arriving, therefore, the time of Ester, son of Abiail, uncle of Mardoqueu (it takes that it for its son), to go to the king, thing none asked for, seno what Hegai said, camareiro of the king, keeps of the women; reached Ester favour to the eyes of all they saw how many it. Thus Ester was taken to king Assuero, to its real house, in the tenth month, that is the month of tebete, in the seventh year of its reign. the king more than loved Ester what to all the women, and reached before it favour and benevolence more than what all the virgins; put the real crown in its head, and it made it queen in place of Vasti.' ' Ester 2:5 – the 7 tragedies cannot move away to you from God. God knows the reason of the occurrence. Ester, mistreats/Israeli/Hebrew that the queen arrived.

He learns what God makes, that grants the heart to you, in special, you that lost algiem that you loved very for death. He reads in the complete o Biblical Ester book, it is not a long Biblical book and he goes builds it very, brother. Ester queen of the great empire of that time became, through the desistance of Vasti queen, was made a great competition for a new queen. None in its life without you does not happen thing to have intentions the holy ghosts. (it reflects) Of the one not to understand the reason of God to allow that some things occur on Its people, but God has its intentions! HE DOES NOT REFUSE WHAT GOD SAYS YOU TO MAKE! Where God is, there he has freedom.

The plan of God cannot be gorado! It makes it! ' ' Then the servants of the king, who were to the door of the king, had said the Mardoqueu: Why he transgresses the errand of the king? It occurred, therefore, that, saying they to it this, day after day, and not giving it heard to them had made, to know it the Ham, to see if the words of Mardoqueu if would support, because it had declared to them that he was Jewish. Seeing, therefore, Ham that Mardoqueu did not incline nor if prostrava ahead of it, Ham if it fulled of furor.' ' Ester 3:3 – 6 responsible Ester Mardoqueu, uncle and for the creation of it after the death of its parents, it was not exaltado by the king. This was excessively! Very revoltante, therefore it was who had saved the life of the king, but initially, he was not recognized for this edificante attitude! Its substitute, acessor of king, that assumed for it the mritos of the attitudes that had not taken, wanted to finish/to destroy/to kill all the Jews! Ham was very badly, but it did not obtain to win Mardoqueu, therefore the truth arrived at the king, punished who it and it was died and Mardoqueu was salient for its aitudes for the king! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini and mail: Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing. It visits articles and books of the writer on the walked one with God in: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '