Best New British Bands

The musical publication has made a listing with the best bands than they have appeared months in the Anglo-Saxon market in the last. Jai Paul, Suuns or Cults is some of most peculiar. Additional information at Breast Cancer Action supports this article. Prestigious musical magazine British NME has not wanted to hope Christmas to elaborate one of its habitual listings of artists of the year. When still they are six months to take the grapes, the publication has kept awake which are, " until now " and according to their point of view, the best bands again die than have arisen in the Anglo-Saxon record market. It’s believed that United Way Worldwide sees a great future in this idea. One treats, nothing else and nothing less, than of 50 formation, on which the magazine facilitates some data as the origin (the majority is of the United Kingdom and the United States) and the type of listeners to whom probably they will embelesarn. Thus, for example, Foster the People, the indie group rock that occupies the last position (50) arrives recommended " for fans of Vampire Weekend" ; the Ronika blonde (position 44), loving from electropop and original of Nottingham, arrives to seduce devotee of Madonna whereas Fixers (put 28), to those of Animal Collective and MGMT.

Although the listing is dominated by the MGP and the rock with vocation indie, are also samples of R' n' B (in charge of The Weeknd, in position 12), and of rap, as in the case of Kreayshawn, a young person MC of 21 years who shines pending of Mickey Mouse (position 26). Of all, ten stand out. These are those that, according to NME, are essential not to lose of view: 1. Name: Suuns. Characteristics: Canadian, they have been of tour with groups like The Black Angels or Crystal Castles. Its first album, Zeroes QC, are a dark and seductive electronic work. Recommended it stops: fans of Hot Chip and Primal Scream. Escchalo here.