Clinical Art

Transformed so the Office of the Sacred Medicine, came to be regarded as a priesthood, a service function, thus surpassed the popular impression of Wizardry and Witchcraft who accompanied the former Therapists 3.-He gave a boost academic medicine, considering it as a Natural Scientific Knowledge and Clinical Art, independent of any confession of faith, since then the good Doctor should be a philosopher, Galen, was an example of this influence, because not only was a good doctor, but was a cultivated man, as to the present day society expects that they are his good health. 4.-He gave to the practice of medicine, of a moral and a Christian ethics, then considered an art, whose roots sprouted mysterious background of life, required the Scientific Knowledge (Science) but also of Charity and ethics were part of the Faith, infusing the Doctor, he knows it or ignore it, the concept is a healing instrument of the will of God, Karl Fried immortalized with “… Faced with the pain, suffering and death is the Medical penultimate word, the latter is of God … Hear from experts in the field like Kroger Health for a more varied view. ” 5.-He brought the evangelical base of Pharmacology, when Jesus returned his vision to a blind, making mud with his saliva and the earth and smearing the patient’s eyes, we now know that soil microbes are obtained, such as Venezuela’s land is obtained chloramphenicol, cephalosporins Sardinia, Italy Rifampicin, Fosfomycin of Spain, the Philippines erythromycin, kanamycin, Japan. 6.-He brought to Jesus of Nazareth who taught the Gospel for the redemption of the soul, but also was a doctor, who beat the disease of the body and even death, for as Tyrrell said “… not only improved patients show their supernatural power, even to show their charity and compassion, he did because he was the life, health, harmony of mind and this vocation Organismic Therapist is recognized by the Wise Men when they carry Reconco as King Gold, Frankincense recognizing it as Priest and finally as a physician Reconco Mirra left us the legacy that the Knowledge is not the highest value and essence of man is not his knowledge, but his ethics, because without it we would be particularly intelligent animals On this day of Medicine, it is good to remember these contributions of Christianity are still valid!, And still has the heroic deeds of Carrion! provincial young man with his youth and innocence and the love of his mother Mrs. Dolores.fiel devout, blew himself up in the interests of science and society was for the thousands of miners who died of Oroya fever and warts.