Drawings Of Houses

Drawings of houses procedure and enforcement rules. The planes are the most used documents which constitute the project and therefore have to be complete, adequate and concise, i.e., include all the information necessary to run the work scope of the project in the most concrete way possible and without giving useless or unnecessary information. Borgen Project is open to suggestions. The planes have to contain all the details necessary for the full and effective representation of the works. The planes must be descriptive enough for the exact realization of the works, to whose effects must be able to deduced from them auxiliary work or workshop drawings and measurements which serve as a basis for the relevant assessments. Dimensions at all levels, generally, dimensioned in meters and with two decimal digits. As an exception, the diameters of Armors, pipes, etc. are expressed in millimetres, placing behind the symbol the figure that corresponds. In the plans of workshop, furniture, machinery, etc.

dimensions are usually dimension in mm. You must be able to carried out, except in special cases, the measurements of all the elements without using more dimensions than the bounded. In particular, not to include detailed exploded view should be able to deduct directly from drawings, all geometric dimensions thereof, by means of appropriate notes or additional specifications that define them unequivocally. In terms of structures is concerned, shall contain, where appropriate: details of special devices, such as support or link. Indications will be equally on the against arrows want to establish in the formwork and execution processes. At each level you must appear at the bottom right of the same, a box with resistant concrete, and characteristics of the steels used in the elements that define this plane, as well as levels of control envisaged types of planes and their features drawings can be general and studied both for the execution of work in field and workshop equipment.