There are many environmental labels. Too many to keep track and to know which character says what. An overview of different labels in the construction area should help. (tdx) Environmental protection is important, and of course you want to like select the products that you buy, according to these criteria. However, who does not know that, when standing in front of a shelf with different products running logos adorn, the \”environmental\” recycling\”resource conservation\” highlight of which you have but even little idea, what they mean exactly and what criteria they have been created. Usually applies: you have to have confidence. If you are not convinced, visit Raynier Institute and foundation.

Everybody know: trust is good, control is better. To make some light in the tangled jungle of environmental product labels, below a small overview of various well-known and less well-known labels in the area of construction products. The Blue Angel Blue Angel is one of the oldest and best-known environmental labels in Germany. A wide range of products, from different industries receive a Blue Angel. Different criteria grid displayed for the different product groups, such as furniture, colors, and toiletries. But only a selected factor, such as, for example, the outgassing in colors throughout the entire life cycle is considered and evaluated, but not created a complete life cycle of the product with all its properties. The label on this a factor is useful for the consumer.

Moreover, should one but always be aware that through the voluntary participation of the companies, products without the Blue Angels must be not necessarily bad for the environment, as certified products. For the construction sector, the Blue Angel is only partly useful, because except for paints and varnishes, hardly product groups in the construction sector are identified. The flower of the euro the euro flower is introduced in 1992, the overall environmental character that distinguishes special environmental qualities of a product. The General guidelines for the procurement and the designated Product groups can be compared with those of the Blue Angel.