Federal State Statistics Service

According to statistics, over the past 10 years the number of constructed dwelling houses has doubled. However, despite this, the majority of Russians today can not afford this happy purchase. No wonder! As follows from report, the head of the analytical center irn.ru Oleg “Real estate in Moscow: the script until 2012, even a crisis caused by the correction value of the property does not return the price per square meter to a reasonable level. Salaries in the same Russia continues to remain low. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, every tenth inhabitant of the country receives less than 5000 rubles., And the average salary is about 13,200 rubles.

In other words, buy a new flat for the majority simply do not possible. So, it is necessary to do updating of the old. Dare to rework, we have to consider many questions: how to make the existence in an apartment in luxurious accommodation? How to create a house cosiness and protect the house from drafts and creaking floors? How to fix the shortcomings of planning that we have inherited from the builders, “” and “” panel and brick buildings? And most importantly – how to do it all without the expense of time and money? Everything in order. Update interior walls of the apartment is unthinkable without the repair of the walls. The most simple and economical – replacement of wallpaper.