Federal Voluntary Service

Meaningful engagement and professional reorientation of Stuttgart, December 12, 2012 with the Federal voluntary service (BFD) can afford over 27 years a voluntary service for the first time people in summer 2011. A recent survey of the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg shows: for many seniors, the BFD in addition to meaningful employment offers the chance to find a new professional perspective. While the Federal voluntary service is started as a whole very well and the carrier had nationwide even more applications than by the Federal Government-funded places, still somewhat hesitantly come the issues of older people. Which is a shame,”said Gisela Golz, overall head Faye and BFD in the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg. “The BFD is a real winner for seniors: you can engage meaningfully and gain valuable personal experience, but win new confidence and strengthened in this way discover new career paths for themselves.” Involved in the welfare work in the “current second year 2012/2013 total 165 people in the Federal voluntary service, 40 of them are older than 27, and belong to the older” volunteers. They work primarily for the disabled and elderly, in the child and youth welfare, as well as in the health sector. Many older BFD participants hope also a career orientation of the voluntary service”summarizes Gisela Golz the results of a recent survey.

This surveyed a total of 32 older participants and participants of the first vintage to their motivation, their expectations and experiences. Half indicates as motivation to even look into the social sphere and do something good and social. The other half combines the prospect of a subsequent permanent employment or a (re -) foot touching in the labour market with the voluntary service. That seems to work at least a positive trend can be read out of the 19 replies on the subject of perspectives: while previously 16 persons were unemployed, there are only three behind.