Fight Bacterium

Yogurt takes control of fermented milk and it adds to active bacteria cheers to him. She is one of healthful foods known for being a good source calcium and proteins, as well as other nutrients like the probiotic ones. All these are necessary to maintain our health and well-being. According to the most recent clinical studies in humans, a new type of yogurt exists that fights the Helicobacter plori, the bacterium that causes to the gastritis and the stomach ulcers. This new yogurt is original of Japan, and is praised by its unique approach to fight the ulcers. In the United States, approximately 25 million people have ulcers.

This yogurt is now available in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. One announces that soon it will arrive at the United States. How the majority of the stomach ulcers Works Bacteri H. Plori are caused by bacterium H. plori, as well as by the excessive use of aspirins and NSAIDs (nonesteroideas anti-inflammatory drugs, by its abbreviations in English). Although the ulcers are commonly easy of to deal with the use about antibiotics and suppresors acids, many developing countries simply do not have access to options of treatment for the ulcers caused by bacterium H. plori. It is a new study, the investigators discovered that bacterium H plori seemed to depend on a called protein ureasa so that the bacterium adheres and infects to the cells in the cover of the stomach.

With base in this discovery, the investigators created a vaccine, injected chickens with ureasa, they hoped that the immunological system of the chickens created the antibodies for ureasa, and later collected the antibody of eggs. Next, the scientists gave him to eat to 42 people who had given positive for bacterium H. plori two cups or of yogurt simple or of yogurt with the antibody of ureasa by 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, that consumed yogurt fortified with the antibody of ureasa, they showed that its infection by bacterium H. plori had been finished. The acids of the stomach destroyed to antibody, but was not but until the antibody had worked fighting the bacterium. Even though yogurt is less effective to reduce to the levels of bacterium H. plori in comparison with antibiotics, still it is much more easy to take, since yogurt can be consumed every day and can become partly of the dietetic routine of the people.