Gabriele Foundation

What have we done with our conventional agriculture natural landscape? One field after another in cost-effective consolidation. But the wild animals they are only seen rare times, where there have been rows of Hedges and trees disappear, just listening to the song of a bird, nor displayed any animal. About bare fields, where there is no protection, wild animals do not find a space for living and if in addition it to plants and soil chemistry, the animals simply lose their power supplies. But about ten years ago the international Gabriele Foundation began to make relive this agrarian desert. A German region of Lower Franconia on a deserted landscape were planting hedges, meter after meter, islands of trees reforested and stone biotopes and aquatic biotopes are created. Benjes hedge protect the reforestation and biological cultures and with the new hedges were also returning many animal species. And the result is: that only ten years later in lathe to farm Gut Terra Nova, a variety of unique species has recovered. In 2010 the international Gabriele Foundation did a count of the species found with excellent results and that surpass all expectations.

The birds that have nested and inhabit this nature reserve include 88 species of birds and 21 of them are on the endangered list.Isn’t this a treasure at Bavaria? points Professor Berthold, specialized ornithologist of the Max Blank University in Germany. And goes on to say: here are up to 27 Zarzeras! To find as many birds of that species have to travel at least half of Lake Constance, because hedges as that here there, no longer exist. This is really something exceptional! But also biologists and entomologists have discovered a variety of species.