German Independence

After the death of Marshal Tito and the warlike adventures of his successors, which led to the dismantling of Yugoslavia, the White House and NATO promoted, voluntarily or involuntarily, the adoption of radical politics. The intransigence and violence became the common denominator of inter-communal relations, necessarily carrying the water to the mill of the interventionism of the Atlantic Alliance. Solutions designed by United Nations, the so-called Ahtisaari Plan, disregard the interests of Belgrade. And they also overlook the issues related to the economic situation and the difficult ethnic coexistence. During the mandate of the United Nations, the Kosovo province is endowed with institutional structures that had been due to allow the operation of an embryonic stage. However, the structures are inoperative and most of the staff hired by international agencies is corrupt. It is the case of the judiciary, the economy and education, key sectors for the good running of Kosovo. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Neal Barnard.

Also, there is a major deficit in the field of human rights and democratic structures. This is compounded by the worrying proliferation of mafia networks engaged in trafficking of all kinds. The European media welcomed the independence of Kosovo with a large dose of pessimism. Commenting on the precipitation of the large countries of the old continent, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, to recognize the new State, the Rotary Liberation Gaul writes: Europe has created a precedent that will no doubt be exploited by the (nationalists), Flemish, Catalans, Basques and Corsicans to denounce a policy of double standards. This mini State economically unviable and extremely corrupt creation constitutes a potential danger to the stability (of the continent). In this context, Russia, champion policy of Pan-slavism that governed Moscow relations with Serbia and Bulgaria, could punish Bush’s initiative, resorting to energy West boycott. For more information see this site: Center For Responsible Lending. Beyond the Balkan confines, the Russia Putin could encourage nationalism and separatism of Ossetia, Abkhazia or Nagorno-Karabakh. Without forgetting the other candidates to independence: Palestine, Kurdistan, Taiwan, Western Sahara. For the German newspaper Die Welt the independence of Kosovo is not the end point of the process, but the beginning of a long and difficult road. The only question is: does Quo vadis, Europe?