Hanseatic League

Senator Michael Neumann sends 3,750 registered runners in the race this year was launched to the B2RUN Hamburg company run on August 9, 2012 to 19.30 and 3,750 employees from about 230 companies of the region had registered for it. Once again the Hanseatic League that demonstrated their joy of running again established a new arrival registration record in the third edition of the B2RUN Hamburg. “Over 1,000 runners were more than in the last year and all were happy that they have a day without appalling weather” had caught. In addition to promoting health, also team building and corporate identification play a large role in the B2RUN. On the approximately six kilometre long route they met many different runners, who battled the inner pig dog but all together of the Jogger Walker up to the Nordic. Highlight for all participants was certainly the finishing line in the Imtech arena the stadium of HSV stars with subsequent ceremony indoors. Not current employees, friends, and families could the finish and what is happening in the stadium with fan tickets experience with and be at the party.

Not only this, but in the middle was also extreme sportsman Joey Kelly. As team captain, he led team the KYOCERA time racer and started in the first row for the fundraiser of the printer manufacturer. Crossed the finish line fastest wife Katrin Grieger of the Asklepios clinics Hamburg; the Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate GmbH sent the fittingcenter man, Andreas Lange, in the race. But not only the fastest highlighted praise at the ala Olympic award ceremony. The BMW was awarded the title of fittest company”group with 105 participants, the fittest company” was the Pinck engineers Consulting GmbH 27 participants and with proud 340 runners the SIGNAL IDUNA is the fittest group”has been honored. They snag GlobeTrotter could best original team the special title”floated on the wave of Olympic success in a canoe in the target. But not only the sporting success was the B2RUN in Hamburg in the foreground. Because most important is the organizers of the Charitygedanke running under the motto children help”.

Promoting socially responsible institutions and projects is an integral part of the concept since the founding of B2RUN. B2RUN cooperating this year with RTL we help children”. At least 25,000 euros will be donated and the amount will be increased further in the course of the season. The total amount of all contributions is presented in the context of the RTL of fundraising Marathon and then collaborate on regional projects, phonikks E.g. to the Hamburg-based Foundation”, distributed. Common goal is always to improve the life prospects of children and young people. More information about the Charitypartnern in the framework of the B2RUN Hamburg, see and. About the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has managed to give a new face to the companies running: within three years the brand B2RUN was expanded into a unique corporate run series of German companies run Championship. Currently eight cities qualify companies for the great B2RUN final in Berlin and ran common money for needy projects. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a route length of approximately six kilometers.