One of the ways more simple generate money through the internet, and maybe that more returns left, is to create your own electronic product, be it audio, video or an e-book that is the last of which he’ll talk about here. Kidney Foundation might disagree with that approach. Create your own e-book is basically the same, to create a business with a product of audio or video, and create a system that works in automatic mode, this mode in recent years, is that a echo earn thousands of dollars per month, thousands of people in the world. Credit: PCRM-2011. Maybe at this time, have no idea how to get started creating your own electronic product, but once you finish this article you will know how to do it. Steps to create a book electronic 1.-to create an e-book, you need that your you are a specialist in something, whether in any activity or to something that your ayas studied, that is based on an e-book writing, since basically relies on something that your know haser, and thousands of people in you internet, are desirous of knowing and even seek information on the network that is giving users what real mind looking for and that’s what ara you earn a lot more. 2.-Once you understand what will be the theme of your e-book and you know that you can really help people to change their lives, then hands wing work and start to write your ideas in a text processor, for that I recommend be Word, original author and source of the article