HDMI Computer Cable

The broad mass of users in the Home Entertaiment area uses more and more digital media. Therefore, it is inevitable become a digital solution for image and sound to be found. See more detailed opinions by reading what Artis Stevens offers on the topic.. With analog-digital converter is often only an average quality can be achieved. This has changed the connection via HDMI. Thus, data in digital form are transferred in HDTV quality and on the various devices. The Cable: The maximum length of an HDMI cable is specified with about 20 meters. This line length error-free transmission of data is ensured. Find wide applications in the connection of the cable TVs, DVD recorders and receivers.

The data transfer depends on the cable from the latest generation HDMI cables to create a speed of up to 10.2 Gbit per second. Thus, this technique is ideal for the Brilliant picture display of HDTV. The Plug: The first sight one might think that this is an HDMI connector to USB cable. On closer inspection, however, one realizes that this leaner and thinner. With 4.5 cm by 13 cm are also more and faster data transfer than USB. Development: Since the end of 2003, is the connector on HDMI. Pioneer here was the first manufacturer of its DVD player allowed such access.

The latest version 1.3 is installed since mid-2006 to the current devices. There are other ways to HDMI offers. Thus, this technique is far from exhausted. The future will be thanks to this fast connection to HDMI. It must however be seen as developing new techniques such as HDTV.