Home Germany

There are about home and home home only in Germany? We always knew it: home only exists in Germany. That’s at least from anglophone perspective. Because, as the English Wikipedia tells us, for the German Word home there no exact equivalent in English – in French by the way, also not. Home, so we read further, have anything to do, a “spatially specific social sphere” with the relationship between humans and a “spatial social unit”, so we want to translate again. “Relationship between man and space” is – the difference somehow significant – in the German edition of same network encyclopedia. Home, man, space in a set; There would definitely somewhere on very German territory, or not? The musty smell had frankly we home always believed that this not really not concerns approach us, at least in terms of territory.

This was home, but this musty corner, where it smelled like stale cauliflower; Maggi and the glutamate-containing Finished seasoning at whose smell we always left just embarrassed restaurant. And now? After fourteen months absence from this home appropriate to us”- has this relationship with the spatially specific social sphere changed? Not fundamentally or, to go on the nose, home has not lost its musty scent for us. Educate yourself with thoughts from World Travel & Tourism Council. We still ask ourselves why cope the English-speaking world just fine with “home”, the French with the cute “berceau” (“cradle”) and only we Germans use something so heavy crude such as ‘Home’. Mentality thing? Home and at home but keep. Yes, the word hasn’t lost home to us their olfactory cosmopolitical justified horror; Maybe we understand it but now at least partly.

Not the part of home that would swing the flags; the still does not. But the other, childish naive, which describes an environment, the much smaller is, as a territory, in which but feels at home without asking, to think. Why? Now, she may smell this home maybe bad, but you know the smell just long. You know”the code”, one could also say: man who knows, must neither ask nor fear, to find his way, and know how the people around to tick. Home as a recreational space? Yes, somehow it is. The absence of material distress (nota bene!), assuming it lives in the home, in the social sphere, in the inside it is been socialized, probably the easiest, and not just in the South Seas paradise, at least not on time. So we need this relationship, this home? Yes, somehow, so much we resist us. Without roots it isn’t for us probably, but still rather be home, we say.