Housing And Construction

This technology has long been known, but earlier in the construction of housing, it was not used. Initially, the technology of bored piles used only in the design of complex industrial structures. Essentially, the method is sleuyuschem: special rig 'drills' hole, given the designer sizes, in a well reinforcement cage is lowered and filled with concrete, reinforcement comes immediately above the surface, to provide a bundle with the subsequent construction. Depending on soil foundation bored piles can be manufactured with the use of recoverable inventory of casing, or without them. Supplement: In structurally stable clay soils drilling can be done without the device casing, as due to the structural strength of the soil, the borehole wall may be some time in a stable condition (This technology allows to dive to a depth of 50 meters).

In water-saturated clay soils drilling is carried out under the protection of mud or using casings. Bored piles without of casing pipes. Swarmed by offers, Laura Carini is currently assessing future choices. In the soil are well with the installation of impact or rotary drilling methods. Soil in the bottom hole drilling method in shock strikes destroyed the bit attached to drill pipes and ropes. Rotary drilling method performed by a special nozzle with a solid or ring culling (the rotation of the drill will initiate a very small quantity of accelerations transmitted array of soil and located next to buildings, so buildings do not receive any additional sediment, keeping them secured). In the process of drilling mud solution is applied, which has a hydrostatic pressure on the walls Well, protecting them from collapse thereby.