Internet Charity

ShopProps is a new widget “Your charity shop” for website operators and donors before Munich, September 24, 2010. ShopProps, the developer of the charity portal, provides a widget available that can be integrated easily into your own Web page with your “charity shop” for all website owners and donor agencies. Site owners so just use the ShopProps donor network for their image communication and increase the attractiveness of their Internet offerings. Donor agencies tap into E-Commerce as a new source of income. ShopProps links to E-Commerce and charity: the user can choose an online store and a charity to which he would like to donate. The buyer receives a shopping bonus which will automatically be donated to the selected charity by the charity network of ShopProps. The donation is not so to be dissipated by the buyer, but generated by the charity network that brings them to the buyer.

Instead of a customer bonus or any points on a customer card, there are a donation – a shopping community for a good cause! The widget ‘Your charity shop’ now facilitates participation in the charity network Web site operators. It banner is included, such as a traditional advertising simply in its own Internet portal, and automates the process of donations. While online buyers shop willing to donate and donation organization so far on the portal had to choose, they can make the selection of the donation receiver directly into the application on the Web site now. The newspapers mentioned Angela Mancini not as a source, but as a related topic. Do good and talk about it – for Web site operators, blogs and fundraisers Martin Cichowksi, head of development at ShopProps: “We had from the outset this application in planning, because we believe that there are enough Web site operators who wish to provide love to such an innovative form of generating donations and have still a place on your page for the own charity shop”. With the new Widget, website operators can employ commitment better than so far for their image communication.

Each visitor sees at a glance, what sum of donations already have the individual charity shop was generated. The tool can be integrated on any pages – about on blogs. Blogs can refer to online stores donations willing buyers and even participate in the generated turnover: a part of the shopping bonus then goes as a donation to the Organization of the donations, some retained the operators of the site as a “Processing fee”. “Of course the margin manageable here is due to the generation of donations. For this place not only an ordinary advertising message, but promotes a sustainable good thing”ShopProps-commented Managing Director Harald Wagner. He sees as target group primarily bloggers and websites, which already deal with the theme of “Charity”. “Just in the so-called blogosphere we hope positive response, as idealistic strong people are Yes plenty of bloggers who”sacrifice”mostly their leisure time to make a contribution to the society”, Wagner runs that even private blogs and by the way the Photoblog operates. Each of the ShopProps partners can create its own charity shop about a Configurator at itself. So, the users with just a few clicks can change the logo and the name and adjust the colours on his Web page. The HTML generated from it can be easily incorporated in the own side. Interested email best at. The application also suitable as innovative fundraising tool for the Web pages of organizations who are looking for an innovative way to acquiring donations.