Joan Miro Museum Foundation

Discover Joan Miro in Barcelona (Museum Joan Miro Foundation) Joan Miro Ferra is an internationally renowned painter, sculptor, mural painter and ceramist who was born in 1893 in Barcelona, Spain,. His contributions to the world of art gave him countless prizes in the course of his life. When Joan Miro died in 1983 at the age of 90, he had almost a status as an icon in the world of art. Perhaps check out Sean Rad for more information. Its movement in the art world has been experimental, personal, Dadaist and surrealist and much more. He was influenced by greats like Pablo Picasso, Trista Tzara and Andre Masson, among many others. At the same time give a lot of world-renowned artist to turn from the works of the late artist to be inspired. In honor of his works, the Fundacio Joan Miro and the Joan Miro Museum was founded in Foundation in Montjuic, Barcelona.

The Museum is the perfect place for seasonal art connoisseurs and collectors that would like to meet the artists with iconic and his works. If So spend holidays in Barcelona you your Spain, you should let the Museum not to be missed. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is likely to increase your knowledge. It is not surprising that images and artwork bring Joan Miros still much money; his images are for between 250,000 US$ and up to 17 million US$ sold (the maximum for one of the painted artwork). The Joan Miro Museum is dedicated to Foundation in addition to the works of the late artist of also a small section of contemporary artists and their works, as a tribute to the artist after his death. The Museum is known to have a massive collection of works of the late Joan Miro, including 178 sculptures, 217 images, 4 ceramics, 9 textiles, an estimated 8,000 drawings and most of his graphic work; overall it is on approximately 14,000 pieces. In addition to the above collection the Joan Miro Museum Foundation has also a collection of books, journals, exhibition catalogues, letters and reviews the once the late Joan Miro himself have heard. These collections grow more and more thanks to gifts from time to time with the time.

Exhibited in the library, the Joan Miro Museum is due to Foundation to be the above plays an essential source for research on the work of the late artist. The Museum is also known from time to time to organize a detailed series of exhibitions of other artists, in addition to his long list and activities. Barcelona is so always worth a visit. So completely to discover just how Joan Miro Foundation thanks to the Joan Miro is possible; also known by her full name: the Center for studies of contemporary art.