Jose Maria Garcia

Jose Maria has granted us a little time to answer us questions after completing this Dakar 2011, one of the more hard in many years. First, congratulate you for get away this edition of the Dakar, one of the extreme in recent years. Goal accomplished, finish the 2011 Dakar Rally, when crossed the finish line, that you felt? He felt a great satisfaction for having achieved the goal of ending, and I remember much of everyone (family, sponsors, friends) that had helped me before the race and who were following during the adventure. In Buenos Aires when uploaded to the podium, that you felt? The same than when crossed the goal, but with a little more serenity and valuing plus all the sacrifice made. What was the stage more complicated? The hardest was John Chilecito-San, the previous stage had arrived one hour before leaving, not rested nothing, had many miles ahead and had problems with the support of the navigation items, is It broke and I had to do much of the stage slowly and with problems to guide me. I went back to finish at night, images of the arrival that came out at Tdp show how hard that was..