Know The Children

It did not know like taking anger to face them. It had listened of his children who were very determined to make change it of opinion, but what they did not know, he is that he, was much more determined who they not to allow that they changed it. Too much time ago it oppressed it to the solitude like allowing that their children interfered in their life, when they had never made before it to accompany it, now this one could be full. Their children could be very safe of their opinions but surpassed he them. He knew his present situation very clearly and the happiness that he provided to him as to let itself lower by the displeasure of them, so taking with resolution the tray with the coffee cups one went to living. – Here this the coffee said with a smile so that they did not notice that she had listened to everything what there were been speaking of him. – Hello papa said to the three pair we were speaking of you.

– Ah if? And that you said? – Daniel said trying that they were convinced that he had not heard them. – We were asking ourselves as that idiot idea were born that you have communicated to us yesterday said the second son. – And because it seems to you idiot? – I consider very normal said it the father smiling while the surprised one by the asseveration became of its son. – That age you think that you have, papa? – the second son asked to him. – I do not create it responded to smiling Daniel positively to him that I am fifty and eight years old, I can mostraros my documents if you have some doubt said in tone socarrn. – Very graceful papa said with irritated air the third son.