Knowing Insurance

If you Car repair manifest latent defects and damage will be greater, the insured will have to take the rest. So if you are not sure that it is able to accurately assess the extent of damage, call the traffic police. – These improvements make significant changes to the work of insurance companies. Is everything ready for you to move to a new system? – Knowing that the direct settlement in demand worldwide and, ultimately, life is easier for customers, two years ago, we were the first company in Russia, who volunteered to policyholders by CTP, the victim in an accident, go directly to ROSNO. For a nominal fee our customers can purchase an additional policy "Euroservice" relieving the victim from having contact with "foreign" by the insurer. So our company can reaffirm its commitment to this work. Although, of course, to the new system work effectively, is important the absolute commitment of all stakeholders. – What new types of liability insurance of car owners you are planning to offer its customers? Vitaly Knyaginichev, director of comprehensive insurance "Ingosstrakh": – "As above, so now we recommend that in addition to the policy issue CTP policy of voluntary motor insurance.

Additional coverage of $ 500 thousand cost, For example, a client of "Ingosstrakh" in 900-1400 rubles, depending on age, driving experience etc. It's not so much money compared to potential harm. As for new programs to hull, then last fall "Ingosstrakh" has launched a "Autoprofi", which is designed for experienced drivers who prefer a neat style of driving. Buying a policy "Autoprofi" in Moscow and branches "Ingosstrakh", the motorist will save 20% or 36% of the insurance risk of "damage". In the first case, the policyholder chooses the form of compensation for loss, including after the accident: the payment of repair of technical centers and authorized dealers the world's automakers, or cash payment.