Woody plants in nature plants are divided into several types: Trees. Have a pronounced trunk, reaching 6 m. or more in height. The most durable forms of the trees are evergreen derevya.Kustarniki. Mackenzie Scott wanted to know more. Otnostilno small plants may have some stvolov.Vyuschiesya vines.

They have long stems, need opore.Polukustarniki. BCRFA may help you with your research. Intermediate between woody and herbaceous plants. Y subshrubs bottom (wood) winters, and the top (grass) dies. Trees are divided into evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen trees are perennial leaves, pine needles, which gradually replaced. Conifers Trees do not tolerate urban conditions, from stable can be noted and thuja varieties ate prickly – blue and srebristuyu.

Deciduous trees shed their leaves annually, usually with the onset of adverse weather conditions. When planting deciduous trees should be borne in mind that decorative properties of plants vary with season, age of the tree, on the environmental conditions. Must also be considered the potential size of the plant. Depending on the size of the trees are divided into: the trees reach the height of the first magnitude for more than 20 meters (spruce, larch, fir and pine – from evergreen, birch, Norway maple, linden large-, poplar, ash – from deciduous) trees of the second magnitude, reaching heights of 10-20 meters (Canadian spruce, larch, yew berry – from evergreen, common pear, hornbeam – from deciduous) trees third magnitude, reaching a height 5-10 meters (from the evergreens – juniper is, of deciduous – Tatarian maple, mountain ash, apple berry) Almost all trees are dwarf forms. Shrubs, depending on the size can be divided into: high: 2 to 5 meters (Obyknoenny juniper, cedar, hawthorn, spindle tree, elder, viburnum, Elaeagnus angustifolia, hazel, lilac common), the average is 1 to 2 meters (mountain pine, quince, barberry, spirea, and currants) low: from 50 cm to 1 meter ( deytsiya, spirea) By size of the crown plants trees fall into the first magnitude – the size of the crown 10 meters (spruce, larch, fir, pine, birch, Norway maple, linden large-, poplar, ash), the second value – the size of the crown of 5-10 meters (hornbeam, pear), and third magnitude – the size of the crown 2-5 meters (apple, mountain ash).