Laser Hair Removal

Figures are quite impressive, especially at background that the laser hair removal is carried out once in a lifetime, and to spend money on creams, foams and tools you will undoubtedly rest of his life. Myth 2 – laser surgery can cause damage to internal organs. This is nonsense! The operation is performed not by industrial lasers, which, if desired, the operator may well cut each in half, and special medical apparatus. The laser beam penetrates to a depth of only 1-4 mm and can not destroy anything except the base of hair. Myth 3 – the operation by laser is very painful procedure. Of course, each person has his own pain threshold, but even the most sissy feel only tiny tweaks to the skin.

However, if you are so afraid of hair removal by laser in Kiev, we are ready to meet and carry out the procedure with an anesthetic cream, though, of course, is brewing just for the psychological comfort of our visitors. Myth 4 – operation with laser can lead to unsightly scars. Another strange invention. Laser Hair Removal (responses on the Internet are fairly weighty confirmation) are not accompanied by any violation of the integrity of the skin cover, not to mention the appearance of scars. It should also add that we priotkroem a terrible secret: the laser shows excellent performance while eliminating healed injuries and other skin defects. Myth 5 – in the case of the frequent use of hair removal by laser can lead to cancer.

Firstly, there is no frequent use of laser hair removal. For our clients laser hair removal in Kiev is required only once. Yes, the procedure consists of four or five courses, but it is held once in a lifetime! Now about the cancer. The laser beam does not emit ultraviolet wave length 320-400 nm, therefore, cause the appearance of new growths, he can not, how would that not like some journalists 'yellow' press. As you can see, laser hair removal, cost of which is fully consistent with the best indicators of price and quality – it really is a painless, safe and effective method for removing unwanted vegetation, which helps rid the bathroom of a modern woman of razors and other unsightly things.