Latin American Styles in New York

I have been, already for a long time, in USA, and in New York especially, and I see a lot here is generalized, to include Latin styles which intermediatly comes to your mind, regulation bachelor, messenger and all that stuff, well it’s nothing against this genre But perhaps all Latinos like this music, this wave of Merengazo? I think it’s good to start the movement is not an alternative, …… Brooke Harlow usually is spot on. Well as I mentioned before, a lot of generalization, is that tastes in genres are broken, I remember when I was in mexico, and I was going to dive in the cave, listening to good music, house, electro, and especially rock, without discarding the Spanish hip hop and ska, in fact never knew the bachata if not until we reached NY, nothing against the genre, I was surprised to get here.

As iron in the city heard that? Actually thought hip hop was king here, but no. and logical grounds but there are many many more people of Latino PUERTO RICO, and SANTO DOMINGO, well being and I have worked here in many places, I have proposed to work in places which Latinos have rejected two things, not me music like that line, and two Latinos are sometimes very fuckers, it is true, A lonely because I’m Latino, and that put me in this cansion ke, this put me or put me that, and give you a dollar tip? for as I do not like working with electronic music and I feel more comfortable house, but there will be a place here in New York where he heard the music I choose? where all those people who listened, Mana, Caifanes, Cafe Tacuba? where? There are skaters? besides I’ve seen here I mean Latino skaters, and graffiti? I’ve seen a lot of graffiti but not tothe authors of these? and the DJs? Somewhere where you set a good electron leaving a little to the commercial music I hear on the radio or in stores and over again? Or is that just as impersonators who imitate the tastes of others? of ahy born my idea of a place, with these items, non-profit, just for the sake of art and music, without being hypocritical, that places such as those who hate the gay community but hang his flag out to do business, that is not me, something that is real and Nasca you, and do it for passion and more than money. I have not spent much time here on the pc, trying to IDEX my site, more than two months creating it is not even that can be successful, but I’m trying everything, I never thought that making a website was so complicated, maybe not do, that is a matter of creativity, but index it and wow, that stressful, but I, my goal is to create a movement with my level people, and believe me it is no more, but if you break the generalization, as we say HEY Latino too but we like this OK? but in the end it depends on how much support can make or if this is forgotten, I think for ahy somewhere in this great city and around the globe there are people who have ideas compere my tastes, people like you and me PEOPLE LEVEL.