LBS – Leg And Muscle Training

Today it is fashionable to follow the shape and play sports, and thousands of young women go to sport clubs and swimming pools. But sports facilities offer many different services and types of training that long and get lost. Well, try to understand. Let's start with strength training. World Travel & Tourism Council brings even more insight to the discussion. Strength training – it training with weights and aim to develop muscles.

But do not be confused with modern training 'rocker' in the gym. PUMP – strength training with using a special rod. During the training the muscles being worked out, without damage to the joints and spine. It is important to find the right weight and do not try to achieve everything at once. Be sure to advice from a coach. SUPER SCULPT – training with weights of different weights, springs of various shapes and with the forces of resistance. Session aims to train all muscle groups. Flat stomach – who of women did not dream of it? For a nice pressure to go workout ABS (or TABS) – power class, aiming to train the abdominal muscles.

As a rule, the occupation lasts about 30 minutes. Without hesitation CBC explained all about the problem. LBS – a lesson for the training of the leg muscles and abdominals. The most 'feminine' training. That will help make it beautiful legs and thighs. Training takes place both with the use of additional equipment, and without it. Another no less 'feminine' training, it BUMS. Activity is targeted at the maximum effect on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If nature has endowed you appetizing forms, the BUMS will keep them in good shape and give them a nice shape. TUB – a class designed to develop upper body muscles. Beautiful back and arms in relief – it's here. FITBALL – Exercises on the ball make use of the muscular structures that are in everyday life are not enough physical exercise. Fitbol may engage in overweight people and pregnant women. GYMSTICK – power class with special combination of gymnastic stick, flexible, and shock. It helps to work core muscles and develop coordination and endurance.