Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor wants the new President a “green thumb” that there was probably never. A “green thumb” must now decide the US election. At least, it wants Leonardo DiCaprio. The staunch environmentalist wants the new President finally more attention on the “green issues”. The biggest problem was it, so DiCaprio, to introduce foreign oil in the United States. “The biggest point is to wake up. The new Government must wake up and finally other and correct decisions.

Decisions that will affect all of our lives. A “green” actions of the new Government would be patriotic, precisely, patriotic.” Leonardo DiCaprio is long a ‘green’. He supports the idea of renewable energy such as wind and solar energy. In addition he directed the documentary film the 11th hour, a call to wake up – appeal to all world finally to do something about climate change. “No matter who wins the election”, the DiCaprio, “they should the environment as you Insert aim. We have to put more in new technologies and science. That is crucial.” Leo DiCaprio’s not wrong. Lisa Walters