Luiz Philip Baeta Snows

Its twisted modest, of quarter, that if they comfortably install in bashful stadiums, where they obtain to make racket and pressure (‘ ‘ alapes’ ‘), they are dislocated, acuadas and they still seem minors in stadiums of great transport. ‘ ‘ for some and likeably qualified the small clubs faced positively for its efforts and/or tradition in the esportivo environment, or visas as disturbing element of the true professionalization of the soccer for the damage that would cause to the great clubs of the biggest national centers of soccer not characterize mainly for the social composition of its twisted, being before faced as ‘ clubs of bairro’ , of twisted reduced, capricious and that they do not receive continued adjetivao, very specific, distintiva’ ‘ (FLOWERS, Luiz Philip Baeta Snows. Additional information is available at Center for Responsible Business. In the zone of the watercress. In: DAMATTA, Robert (org.). Universe of the soccer. Rio De Janeiro: Pinakotheke, 1982.

Television. The radio folloies the torcedor in the stadium; it removes it to the TV of there. Mainly the torcedor of small teams, who, for the reason above, does not have much incentive to go to the stadium, to face the mass of torcedores adversaries.

As the games of others are televisionados squares, in the reality the torcedor is captivated by teamses of is – not alone of the city, but of the country. ‘ ‘ Also, the reader wants to know on the piauiense soccer. It seems joke, because, for they, valley plus an foreigner of what what he is ours; he is passed to us of that these teams are bad. But he fits to each citizen to rethink its attitudes or you he prefers to continue as son of the colonizador the entire life? To twist for the piauiense soccer is not shame not, I is felt ashamed is to twist for Barcelona, Manchester, this yes me envergonha’ ‘ (IT HISSES, Eulrnio Saints.