I received an order for the Edson Rodrigues de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, reader to publish the manifesto of goodwill, words that I proferi during the laying of the foundation stone of the World Parliament of the Ecumenical fraternity, October 21, 1991, in Brasilia. The manifesto brings together many concepts that we express in previous decades, but shows increasingly current and necessary in the days of today, as the world goes global and therefore, needs more than education and culture, food, health and work, with spirituality. We are going to the manifest: Parliament world of the fraternity Ecumenical today, the Legion of good will put the foundation stone of the Parliament world of the fraternity ecumenical, taking conscience that shall participate decisively more serious transformation process experienced by the human being. The great transformations times arrived. Let us know through them properly. Conciliation by the spirit it, our call is therefore reconcile, because We are stated in the wide Ecumenical experience of the LBV: the Brazil and the world need the immediate experience of religious, racial, supporter, business, social ecumenism, finally, the unrestricted ecumenism, based on the deepest values of the spirit.

Great is the nation and wise ruler who manages to ingratiate the values of its members of all races, beliefs, convictions political are builders of true progress. Blame it on the so called good is the time of the union of all those who believe in the regeneration of the social fabric, taking the spirit of man as a principle. And what we see in all the regions of the planet, but the institutionalization of injustice? Blame who? From the tramps? From the usurers? From the corrupt? From the explorers? From insurgents? No! Responsibility of those who are judged good, honest, capable, but is accommodating, pleasing only in claiming human rights which attend them, forgetting of do social, moral and spiritual duties that fit them with greater courage and promptness. When the territory is not defended by the good guys, the bad guys do just the victory of injustice. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CBC.