More And More Web Sites Learn Speak

The amount of information on the Internet is growing steadily. A sensory overload of the Internet user, which has resulted in, comes that the content of Web sites arrive still limited in many cases. The statistics on the average time spent on Web sites vary quite, but she is expected to be pages found in new already little more than 30 seconds, further falling tendency. The content can often not conveyed in that short time Web pages. Even if a visitor longer on one side, much is only flown over or read across. The decisive statements are so often not noticed or ignored.

Many Internet users have become tired of reading through the immense flood of information. This is reflected also in the growing acceptance of speech programs, of which screen content with synthetic voices are read. However permanently focused listening to this is and remains for many, despite significant technological advances. Follow others, such as CBC, and add to your knowledge base. More and more websites going therefore over the content of their sites by speakers, to be read aloud. Content-voice is the Buzzword.

Right in the upper part of a Web page an audio link is offered the visitors, to make text in the body of the page. As curiosity wins often and it is more convenient to listen to a pleasant voice, than to have to read through the text itself. In addition, gives a human voice heat the texts and gives a personal touch to the statement. This creates trust and ensures that the text of a website really arrive. Thanks to streaming technology has also long texts and correspondingly large amounts of data are no longer a problem. The visitor must no longer wait for the audio file is fully downloaded. Shortly after clicking on the appropriate link, he can sit back and relax listening to. The small provider setting out this new development and offers an exceptionally convenient service.