Natural Restorations

To inform the city dentists from Stuttgart, teeth are the pride of a people. Who has teeth caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease or accidents, the smiles less and thus loses its vitality. But not only the visual appearance is crucial, but also the desire for a full function. Implants are the ideal solution. Teeth can be replaced easily and aesthetically effective with them. In addition to a natural feel, implants ensure a tight fit of the denture which is the natural teeth in nothing in the appearance and function.

What implants are and what they are made declared the dentist fr. Dr. Behle from Stuttgart. Natural tooth root replacement dental implants are cylindrical, typically helical bodies, firmly planted into the jaw bone. Due to its design and the special surface, the implant closely adheres with the bone structure, so that a nearly the same load is possible, as with natural teeth. Implants come as close to the natural tooth root replacement and provide the Foundation for individual teeth, bridges or the solid anchoring of prostheses. You are offered in various sizes, lengths and diameters, so that every patient can be supplied as individually.

It opts for an implant, you can choose between a one-piece and two-piece implant system. Implant systems with one-piece implant systems building necessary for tooth replacement is already integrated into the implant screw and protrudes from the gum after. One-piece implants be used preferentially in Sofortbelastungen. The prosthesis applied no later than after 24 to 36 hours on the implant. The two-part system is most commonly used. Here, the implant body and building consist of two parts, which are screwed together. The structure is screwed but only after healing (about 3 to 6 months) of the implant. Different materials most commonly used implants made of titanium. Titanium is biologically neutral, causing no allergic or foreign body reactions and is especially tissue-compatible. There are also ceramic implants. They are widely used, is desirable if there is an incompatibility, however, no metal. Implants made of zirconium are also possible. They are also well tolerated such as titanium, are aesthetically superior to any other material metal free and because of the white color. Also there are implants, where it receives a so-called 10-year full insurance. For detailed information about implants, the dental fr. Dr.