Nicolas Mihanovich

There were even cases of Utopian socialism as the attempted by the salteno (of Uruguay) Horacio Quiroga. Sugar mills as the of Las Palmas of the Chaco Austral (circa 1885). The only title of example quote: married Carlos (Paraguay and Santa Fe argentina), Piria (Piriapolis), Anzoategui (in Rio Colorado, Argentina). The Spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibanez (colonizer in the Argentine Rio Negro), Roger Balet, philanthropist donor of schools in the Rio de la Plata. Emporiums as Stroeder, Mulhall, in South of the Argentine Province of Buenos Aires, with ports including as the assembled by Campomar in Juan Lacaze (Uruguay). Nicolas Mihanovich and navigation in the Plata Basin. a lot earlier than the Riverway lawns – Nueva Palmira. There was time where the steam navigation and railroads, without the traumatic advent of the automotive is linked in ports, there they went the pioneers founded peoples, promoting agricultural plantations and participating in these activities.

Thus, the railway line from reefs to San Pedro (railways Depetris), the large railway monopolies did not allow it to operate while fully enabled. Thus, Carlos Beguerie founded a town with its own name with a development of advanced, where bifurcated the Provincial of the province of Buenos aires railway between 1907 and 1914.La list this open channel from the North in the province of Buenos Aires (1904).They were part of the neutralizer inland navigation channels by the by then interested railway. It was designed by engineers of the provincial government. In its heyday when they arrived at work five thousand men. Became to pick and shovel and it was never inhabited. The law of promotion of the Exequiel Ramos Mejia (1908) and national territories. His mentor summed up the progressive ideals of the era. It was very linked by the Perito Moreno., in 1913, public what can be considered the first works plan public that he was developed in the Rio de la Plata.