Paintings China

The Chinese paintings are an ancient art. The first pictorial manifestations of china took place more than 6,000 years ago with figures representing mostly animals. These paintings are characterised by the stroke of its lines forming a whole different figures. Formerly these paintings are anticipated in walls as well as screens. Currently paints China can still be appreciated on walls even in cemeteries as the dynasties have and Tang.

According to historians it is said that the Tang and Song dynasties contributed with the pictorial heyday of China. Thanks to its great versatility, many people are inclined to learn this type of painting. Two of the leading representatives of the Tang dynasty, Li Sixun and his son Li Zhaodao, used inks made with mineral materials, why his paintings showed a greater glow, easily appreciable in the light. Time later began to promote painting with ink, to which we have access today. The Chinese paintings are quite expressive and varied in terms of topics. These paintings can be observe in various museums throughout the world where are sporadically organised exhibitions relating to the subject. Art in China is synonymous with tradition and culture. However, in addition to traditional painting, Western techniques have also occupied a place in Chinese art.

This is the case of the oil painting, engraving and watercolor. Oil has had and has a very important place in Chinese art. Moreover, several Chinese painters have opted to combine the techniques of Chinese painting and Western painting. The result, some works of great quality and varied styles. Both Eastern and Western art have different styles and characteristics that differentiate them from one another. The Chinese paintings are unique in their genre. If you have penchant for paintings of this style, there are many ways to learn it. Put in practice your artistic skills and create your own works.