Pausbackig And Sensual

Putt and Angel have become socially acceptable / Rolf Hofmann cherubs and angels have become socially acceptable / Rolf Hofmann, cherubs and angels are on the rise. Until recently, often as Edelkitsch ridiculed, in a sense as the garden gnomes at a higher level, cherubs and Angels rehabilitated as socially acceptable. They are anyway, an indispensable part of the atmosphere in the romantic garden. How come? There may be many reasons. Sure, Putten symbolise the yearning after healer, sanguine tranquility. The Putto (so, the singular form of the name coming from the Italian) embodies healthy, relaxed sensuality with his pudgy, simple, clear face, his plump rump.

His tummy, his fat folds betrayed that he himself does no compulsion at dinner – Brigitte diet is totally alien to him. In his whole appearance, he has maintained innocence, every normal human being either necessarily or whole voraciously to put at least maintains with puberty. He stands for the State of being, the the modern, civilized man has lost and would like to return: he has endless time, feels good, is subject to any fashion dictates (he is Yes nude), does not work and deals, if he ever does what, with musical things one often sees him with the various musical instruments. The long observed trend in the home decor, style and taste boundaries to flout, vigorously to mix the styles, Yes, has conquered also the Putten new courts. There, modernity is combined with cult and utensils of earlier times. So take heed of the Putto on the vertico your CD collection or is in the renovated apartment of the yuppies on the parquet floor. And of course the \”country-style\”, which stands for the longing for the good old days (which was never really good, but that would be another article), and in the gardens of the Putto anyway has its permanent location. There, in the garden, putting can make true wonders.