Therefore it brought I obtain improvements as for the implantation of some infrastructures in the place. But its implantation in the periphery creates a logic, that does not have idle lands in areas next to the center, strengthening in this in case that the logic of the strategy of the scarcity of the urban land that benefits in this in case that the agrarian proprietor that if becomes real estate promoter, objectifying to extract greater income of the land. Then it is evidenced that the habitacionais sets, such as: Sponsorship, and later constructed, residential Garden of the flowers, located in the edges of YOU the -222, that they connect the city of Araguana the city of Philadelphia, has its directed constructions the population of middle class and low income and poor persons in the periphery of the city, before at a first moment the value the land he is low due to distance of the center and mainly the infrastructure lack. With its constructions, another situation appears in the urban one, to the valuation of the remaining areas and neighboring, regarding this fact, Saints (2005) say in them: The residential sets, raised with public money. for the middle classes and the poor persons, they are placed almost impracticable in the urban peripheries, the excuse of the prices accessible of lands leading, when it had pressures, the extensions of public services with light, water, the times sewers pavement and transport, also, with the same resources. It is in this manner that the BNH contributes to aggravate the trend to the espraiamento of the cities and to stimulate to the real estate speculation. The construction of a residential set, and the consecutive infrastructure endowment, value lands to around, stimulating the proprietors to a speculative wait.

(SAINTS, 2005, P. 124). In this context Mr. Joaquin Coimbra when yielding to the area, where it is today joint sponsorship, constructed for the State, it aimed at with this to the implantation of the infrastructure. .