Plush Teddy Bear Collection

One of the most popular children's fairy tale characters is a teddy bear Teddy in a series of toys me to you. Question – when, in what country and under what circumstances did this wonderful toy, and to this day remains open. On the "homeland" of the character claimed by me to you the two countries – Germany and America, and each has its own story of the emergence fairy bear. We will tell the American version of the appearance of a bear cub that has become a way of goodness and charity. In 1902, the president of the United States at that time, Theodore Roosevelt, with his subordinates went to hunt. However, the head of state was worthless hunter, and then his subjects caught the bear and led him to Roosevelt, tying the animal to a tree that Roosevelt saw him.

But the president did not want to kill a defenseless bear, the animal was sorry and told him to let him go. Since that day more than a century has passed, and bear me to you with those been considered the epitome of generosity and kindness. His name "Teddy" was just a teddy bear in honor of the President – Theodore. Several years later, Teddy bears are actively sold in many countries in Europe and Asia. Plush animal me to you is widely known, became a symbol of England, earned the love of collectors around the globe. There are even special clubs fans fairy bear. Teddy lived in each child and gift shop. This gray bear with kind eyes and a blue nose appeared on postcards, T-shirts, backpacks, became the top seller in stores soft toys. Teddy bear cute me to you was the best gift for the day Birth loved and loved ones. Many collectors in England, Germany, the United States and other countries in Europe and is still regularly participate in the auctions, trying to buy a new model for me to you.