Prague Conference

The most basic thing for writers abroad, the Congress reflected in the declaration: Read the writers who write in Russian, competent representatives of Russian culture abroad. To promote the publication of their works in Russia. Provide an opportunity for writers to professionally engage in literary activities. Last would be possible if the level of remuneration will match the level of payment for intellectual labor in developed countries. Russia and Russian writers abroad appealed to President Vladimir Putin with the request to establish an annual Day of Russian word, in conjunction with the birthday of A. Pushkin. The fact that literary activity is the only food for the soul, but does not provide a means for existence, clearly showed that the number of participants in the Prague Conference and Congress of Compatriots writers have become parties to the conference "Compatriots and the business world." Conference participant from Prague businessman Oleg Orlov on this important forum the Russian Embassy in Prague delegated to a prominent businessman from Prague, Oleg Orlov, engaged in large-scale investment projects of Russian-Czech (, and Ph.D.

Anatoly Rozov, head of the department project brnovskogo RuMarket.Cz, dealing questions provide the Czech and European customers high-tech information product – an internet marketing in the Russian sector Internet (Runet). The conference was headed by Alexander Chepurin Director Department of Work with Compatriots Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, which together with the Government Commission was its organizer. most websites. It is this fact gave a special conference significance. Indeed, first of all, the efforts of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its authorized representatives abroad in the face of the Embassies of Russia jointly with Russian diasporas can achieve the goals set in the resolution of the conference.