President Eduardo Menga

The result is certain: The Death! This terrible problem already is if becoming current and inconceivable, a time that our carriers need this treatment to guarantee IT to them LIFE. Something needs to be made so that these families of the carriers, do not need to pass more therefore. It is if becoming an indifference with those which the State would have to protect. When we question the Health department, it answers in them that the part of it is being made and that we must look the secretariat of the health of the state of So Paulo. The first part of the reply, already is not true therefore this is the carriers who had set in motion the Health department, and that they are currently waiting its medicines:

– SP and the second part of the reply, in them seems a little is on purpose when a Ministry as of the Health ‘ ‘ mos’ washes its; ‘ therefore the problem leaves of being of it and starts to be of the State. For what we understand, the States are under the supervision of the Federal Government. Excellency, on behalf of all the carriers of Mucopolissacaridose, of the Institute I Want To live and of the Associations of Familiar of the Carriers, I beg aid to it and we place in them to the disposal to collaborate inside of our limitations, with Your honor to revert this situation. Yours truly, Bianca Rinaldi – President Eduardo Menga – Bursar I, Sandra de Andrade, one of the publishing companies of the Blog of the Dilma and president of the REVIF also sign this letter and ask for that my publishing friends of the Blog of the Dilma repass this letter and they publish in its blogs to it. Our Dilma President knows in them and to our personal efforts to keep this blog and ours blogs, never we esmorecemos in the campaign for its same election taking collision of all the types and all the sides, and I have the certainty that when taking knowledge of this letter our President will take the due steps so that these lives are valued and receive from the federal government, through the Health department, the legal conditions and human beings for a worthy life and not to die for omission and to usufruct of the described rights in ours Great Letter – ours Constitution..