Raising Standards

But first you have to raise their standards. I know at some point where I had big dreams. He felt and believed they were going to change the world in any meaningful way. Making things better, safer for our children. Something. You know that deep down he had a special gift that nobody else has.

You know what, we go a little closer I want to make sure you hear this – “You had a special gift. And … not yet! The gift was so sure he’d didna? T left, you left. Oh, I know the drill. Your goals and dreams have taken a back seat to try to make a living.

Theya? I have become buried in the daily struggles and frustrations of life. So much so that now you donate? Not even thinking much about achieving their goals and live their dreams. ITA? S all you can do to get to the end of the week. Life has become nothing more than a struggle for survival to the next crisis. Well guys IA? I’m here to tell you Therea? S life than merely survive. If youa? Re not good now living their dreams or feel quite sure of the route to your heart? Back to lead to achieving their goals and dreams Herea? S why. Dona? Do not take it personally, or take it personally, in any way which reduces their standards for what is expected are too low. One of life? S is absolutely true is that getting what you hope to achieve. Establish standards of its staff on average and that? S exactly what you, everyone and everything around you will be. On the other hand (and yes, the choice is yours) the type of person who insists on average, and above all your heart? Ll is living in an above-average. Oh, and the gift you left in there somewhere? ITA