Reading Fast And Comprehensive

We know that the fast reading is a priority need to better use our limited time available. Many people believe that reading too quickly lose the ability to understand the text. Of itself, fast reading favors the understanding because the mind stays focused on what they are reading. In this article I will give you the necessary techniques so its fast reading is also more comprehensive. Cancer Research Institute. is a great source of information. 1 Browse the text before reading it to identify sections that the author dedicates more content. With the information obtained through this inspection, the brain will start and will try to form an overall view of what you will read. It will also reduce fears before what will read, and refine the purpose of reading and its objectives. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard.

2. Read the first sentence of each paragraph with more attention than usual is other than the first sentence of a paragraph contains the key information will be developed below. Take notes of the titles and the first sentences of each paragraph before reading the full text. Focus on nouns and main propositions in each sentence. Instead of reading all the words, try to decode the text focusing on those combinations of words. Rather than read and reread the text, take notes of the most important concepts. 3. Determine your purpose before you begin to read what is their motivation to read it? What does it expect to learn from what they read? The combination of these three techniques will help you be more prepared before starting to read. Carlos Gallego reader fast creator of course: Now I read 2 times faster than before and I understand 100% of what I read original author and source of the article