Reading Fast

In fast reading, many people believe that to read quickly lose the ability to understand the content.You can read faster and understand it all, at the beginning as in all skill must not think to understand the text in the first exercises, but only to improve speed and keep pace with the reading. This is the view and the mind to process more information in a short time as you train your speed, your understanding will increase gradually. If your want to train yourself to be a 400 metres sprinter, you won’t want to run the 400 meters on the first day, truth, will first have to exercise your legs, your breathing, your resistance, etc. On the other hand, within the techniques of speed reading, it seeks that you can read more information in less time, and also can capture and retain the main ideas from beginning to end. If it wasn’t, would have no value or sense to waste time learning how to run a race with the view that not us It will bring no benefit of speed or comprehension. Then, the purpose of all reading is understanding, learning something new, incorporate a knowledge to enrich himself as a person and as a professional. But understanding depends on several factors, such as: concentration, mental concentration is a core point in this skill of speed reading. If you don’t go, you will lose your objective approach.

All athletes before competition, taught as concentrate mentally. In fast reading is no exception. Go to Boy Scouts of America for more information. Here you must learn to concentrate. The breathing. Breathing is an unconscious automatic feature, and you must learn to take conscious control of this part. Take a practice text, and read it trying to locate the most important key information and key concepts. When you read a prayer, you focus only on the main idea. Emphasize groups of words that have the greatest burden of meaning.

Then, re-read the text, focusing your attention only to those groups of words you have underlined, this will also help to train your sight, and to strengthen the relationship between the central ideas and your ability to understand. Read this article only with the look, avoid vocalizing, reads only with view and note as your eyes slips envelopes the words substantially increasing your reading speed. With this, despite the false beliefs or fears regarding the fast reading and comprehension, quick reading increases understanding and reading will help you to increase your general knowledge can be demonstrated. And this, in turn, will increase your reading speed, so you will enter a more beneficial for your cultural and business growth circle. Now that you know the truth about understanding and fast reading, put hands to work today, recalls that the capacity of understanding is trained like a muscle in sports. There are no magic formulas, just practice every day and read ever faster. If you have comments about the topic, write me and I will reply.