Return Rubles

The question of where to buy the terminal, too, all more or less clear. If you do not have experience in this field, you need to buy the equipment from the payment system, although in most cases this is not the best price option. But in case of technical problems technical support plan payment system will not bring down the blame for the unstable to equipment suppliers, and vice versa. Let us consider in more detail at the business plan. To date, fully meets modern requirements for reliability terminal, equipped with a receipt printer, worth an average of 75 thousand rubles. If safe side and take the terminal from cash registers, price increase to 95-100 thousand rubles.

Why the need for formal use fiscal registrars 99% of terminals are now working without them, and what prospects for the development of the situation, we’ll talk in detail in a later article. One person in the presence of the car quite able to provide quality service to a dozen installed devices. No need to rent an office and to keep staff – in the normal mode of payment terminal requires little or no intervention staff. Go to market with a single apparatus, of course, makes no sense. The minimum figure, which makes sense to start – 5-6 terminals.

If the number exceeded 15, then it makes sense to hire an additional employee. Suppose, for definiteness, decided to buy five vehicles. Depending on the equipment and vendor require from four to five hundred thousand rubles. Now we need to figure out when the money invested will pay off. On the Internet you can find many so-called ‘payback calculators’ payment terminals. Typically, they are placed on their websites owners sub-dealer network and terminal manufacturers. Calculation of Return of the payment terminal is actually very simple. It is determined mainly by two factors – the average volume of payments per day and value of rents. Other factors (overhead maintenance related to the cost of Internet traffic, paper for thermal printer, etc., have a much weaker effect).

By manipulating these figures, we can get arbitrarily small payback by making investments in this business at first glance very appealing. One of the most characteristic examples can be found, for example, on a site network of payment Terminal ‘Novoplat’. When given the raw data: rent a 3,000 rubles and the average turnover per day, 43,000 rubles, the terminal will really pay off for six weeks. However, people who are planning to invest in the installation of terminals should be noted that in actual practice, the figures are quite different. Find vacant point at the terminal, which is two to three months of work will give a steady turnover of 10 000, is considered a big success. Typically, the rent in such a point has to pay six or seven thousand rubles and higher. A network of hypermarkets and supermarkets promoted, where you can really talk about the speed of 30-40 thousand rubles a day, rent on exclusive conditions may reach up to 25-30 thousand rubles a month for a terminal. Thus, the real payback of the terminal is usually eight to ten months. It is these figures it makes sense to lay in a business plan, not to deceive the expectations investors. Finally, it should be noted that the order and pay terminals right thing when you know exactly where and under what conditions they will be installed, that is on the hands are signed leases. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation that the planned location at the last moment will take someone else.