Russian Federation

Federal Law "On State Support to Small Businesses in the Russian Federation" provides for lending to small businesses concessional terms. Lending by commercial lenders. Continue to learn more with: PCRM. The difference in the cost of credit to these organizations is compensated by the funds to support small businesses. Size terms and conditions of compensation determined by agreement between the credit institution and the fund to support small businesses. Small businesses can also lend to each other. For mutual credit they create special society enjoy certain privileges. Pecuniary support of small businesses should include: organization of accounting of federal property, which may be transferred to small businesses; trust funds for regional and municipal property (primarily non-residential premises), which can be sold or rented to small businesses on favorable terms; establish rules of transfer small businesses owned production facilities and production equipment with certain benefits in terms of redemption, hiring or leasing; develop a mechanism to provide installment payments for the transfer of state assets to small businesses; definition of a single body, a unified list of documents and deadlines for registration of property transactions: the sale, lease, etc.

(the principle of "one-stop); establish procedures under which funds spent by small businesses for the repair and renovation of leased non-residential premises, can be counted toward the rent. One of the key areas of support for small business is to provide enterprises on preferential terms modern, specific to their equipment and technology. To this end, the state should take care to establish a network technology parks, industrial and technical centers, leasing companies, etc.