Russian Federation

Finance theory, proven throughout the world, says: the foundation of the financial system becomes a kind of small business. It can not deal with the volume of capital – international companies of course, provide much greater turnover of money, this is true for the provision of jobs, which is very much today, in times of crisis. Because, in a difficult situation very directly the state is interested in developing small and medium-sized businesses that provide citizens, while reducing that level of unemployment, thereby increasing the average life of the country. Russia has long been attention of the country was aimed at big, important for the city of production and small businesses remained without a race closely, and, most importantly, credit the interest of the state. You may find that Childrens Defense Fund can contribute to your knowledge. Just global financial downturn has forced the state to direct attention to small and medium-sized genus of entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation. In close connection with the Russian Government had created a complex action aimed at providing assistance in promoting small and medium-sized businesses, the main fraction of which are loans with collateral and without subsidies. Such actions are aimed at supporting existing existing small businesses, as well as obliged to intensify the emergence of new firms and in accordance with this, the emergence of new jobs. Among the components protivokrizisnoy line-up for small and medium Enterprise Russian government has developed and proposed a new system of financial aid: up to 300 thousand rubles for the establishment of entrepreneurship, to 1000 000 rubles for a potentially profitable enterprise set up by youth to five million rubles – for small firms operating in the major branches of finance.