Security Service Bank

Banks say that the accuracy of the estimate – it's just a matter of time. 'The larger the volume of statistical data used to develop scorecards – said a senior vice president and director of the department of risk analysis VTB-24 Vadim Kulikov – the more of their predictive ability, then a higher probability of a correct assessment of the client. " However, even now offended by the bank, borrowers can take detours. On the Internet, sufficient information about the numerous intermediary firms. Credit brokerage, already familiar phenomenon in the West began to develop in our country. Some companies are working on a classical model that is helping to choose the best program and the right to issue documents. But many 'brokers' see another. Do you need help, which will be given to a larger salary than what you paid miserly boss? 'Grey' broker do it easily.

And if the security service bank decides to make in your credibility and calling the telephone number, he answered: "Yes, Ivan Ivanov is really at work here, receiving for his work of 50 thousand rubles. Browser Itogi met with one of these middlemen, posing as unfortunate debtor. Modest salary of 12 thousand rubles, no family left no doubt the reason for the refusal of the bank. 'Girl, what you will, by God! – Surprised a man named Victor, has appointed to advise private meeting. – If you do not have a stamp in your passport does not necessarily tell everyone that you are not married. Write to the questionnaire, which consists in a civil marriage.

" Victor promised to help with the certificate of employment, which would point to 'much more decent wage. " However, and for their services a lot of requests – 10 percent of the amount of the requested credit. Normal mortgage brokers charge less – about 5 percent. But apart from that required three thousand rubles for the advice and selection of options for credit. In case of cancellation three thousand non-refundable. What is the manager of one of these companies honest on the phone, because the request for a loan of 20 thousand dollars in salary of 12 thousand rubles is not considered legkovypolnimym. Victor, on the contrary, I am confident in the success of your best: 'We have several banks of their people. " True, the adventurers must be remembered that such ways of the professional code are treated as fraud. So what do those who are unfairly hit by scoring rink? Do not panic. 'If at the time of the next application for a loan paid off existing customer commitments or had increased the salary, the result of consideration may become positive ', – says Vadim Kulikov. And Daniel recommends that customers update the scorecard at least once a year. This is three times higher than in Europe and America, then we must assume that the data and scoring, we may change more frequently. You'll see, a year or two the bank and look at you in new ways.